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Darin K. Herndon st.amaranth at
Tue Feb 16 21:39:21 PST 1999

>I matched up the listing of branches in the back of the February 1999
>Black Star versus branches in my index of heraldic submissions.
>Since 1993, no submissions have been labelled as being from Ffynnon
>Gath.  Nor Glaslyn either, but it's a canton, so they're presumably
>going thru Steppes.  Cridhe na Tyr and Rothundburg have none, but
>they're new.
Daniel, I believe that Rothundburg is being dissolved and they were brand
new.  Glaslyn had a Gazette mailed for the first time in February so they
are really new as well.  I need to read the roster in the Black Star again;
I had not heard of Cridhe na Tyr so they must be really new.  If anyone
knows the herald for Cridhe na Tyr, please e-mail me privately so I can add
them to the Gazette mailings.

>Inis Feinics (reg. 8/95, Cleveland, TX, canton of Stargate?, was Isle
>    of the Golden Phoenix)
>Turris Animarum (Austin, TX, Univ. of Texas, college --
>    since I've never heard of them at meetings in Bryn Gwlad,
>    I *assume* that they're defunct, but I want to be utterly sure)
>Twr Cath (reg. 7/94, Univ. of Houston, TX, college)
I believe Inis Feinics was dissolved during the end of the reign of
Jean-Richard and Gladwyn.  Turris Animarum was on my original list of
mailing labels I got when I took over as Obelisk (or maybe they were on the
original roster that Donal sent me).  So far as I knew, I never had an
address for a herald and they were dropped; they've never appeared on any
roster I've received from the regional heralds.  Twr Cath is still on my
mailing list; if they are defunct/dissolved or otherwise taking a five
month timeout I need to stop mailing the Gazette to the address I have.
Check the roster you got on your January Gazette (as Bordure you got one
with addresses for groups) for where I'm sending the Gazette each month.

Now you know what I do (and probably more),

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