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heralds (owner-heralds at Ansteorra.ORG) said something that sounded like:
> Cypress Hills (registered 9/93, shire; Longview, TX)
> Desert Wyndes (registered 6/93, shire)
> Gryphon's Rooste (registered 6/89, shire)

I know nothing about these groups.

> Inis Feinics (reg. 8/95, Cleveland, TX, canton of Stargate?, was Isle
>     of the Golden Phoenix)

This group went defunct I believe at the beginning of Kein and Alisha
reigns. At least it was discussed at a GOofS meeting at that time period
since I was Kingdom Virtual Scribe.

They were a canton of Raven's Fort.

> Turris Animarum (Austin, TX, Univ. of Texas, college -- 
>     since I've never heard of them at meetings in Bryn Gwlad,
>     I *assume* that they're defunct, but I want to be utterly sure)

We went defunct around March of '95. I was one of the founding member of
this college in '90 - '91 timeframe.

> Twr Cath (reg. 7/94, Univ. of Houston, TX, college)

They went dorment in summer of '97 if I remember right. They have probable
been dorment long enough that they should be defunct. If you'd like a
contact person to find out, I can get you in touch with one of the final

I hope that helps at least some.


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