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Twr Cath is a College (Uof Houston) attached to Stargate, and is currently
I believe Isle of the Golden Phoenix dissolved, and reverted back to
Ravensfort, I think.
I know that one incipient group (don't know which) was dissolved at this
past Coronation, as no current paid members; and that 4 other incipient
groups were continuing their incipient status for another year, till next
Coronation for review.

I suggest you check with Burke, Kingdom Seneschal on branch status of those
in question.
Bn.  Hillary Greenslade, Westgate/Stargate

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I matched up the listing of branches in the back of the February 1999
Black Star versus branches in my index of heraldic submissions.
Since 1993, no submissions have been labelled as being from Ffynnon
Gath.  Nor Glaslyn either, but it's a canton, so they're presumably
going thru Steppes.  Cridhe na Tyr and Rothundburg have none, but
they're new.
The following are branches that are not in the current Black Star, but
are in the index and I don't know what happened to them.  Can anyone
tell me if they're alive?  If one isn't, please tell me where it was,
and if it was absorbed into another group; I like to include that as a
comment in the database.
Cypress Hills (registered 9/93, shire; Longview, TX)
Desert Wyndes (registered 6/93, shire)
Gryphon's Rooste (registered 6/89, shire)
Inis Feinics (reg. 8/95, Cleveland, TX, canton of Stargate?, was Isle
    of the Golden Phoenix)
Turris Animarum (Austin, TX, Univ. of Texas, college --
    since I've never heard of them at meetings in Bryn Gwlad,
    I *assume* that they're defunct, but I want to be utterly sure)
Twr Cath (reg. 7/94, Univ. of Houston, TX, college)
Daniel de Lincolia
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