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R Husted rhusted at
Wed Feb 17 08:26:32 PST 1999

sorry this is late. hope it does not cause any problems with your 
Medb (wife of Mahee)

marsha.greene at wrote:

> 1.  Please send your post card information to me ASAP, so I can schedule
> you accordingly, 

- -SCA Name: Mahee
- -Legal Name: Russell Husted
- -Address: 78 Ranchhouse Loop Angleton TX 77515
- -Phone: (409) 848-2048 
- -email: husted at
- -Special Equiptment: none
- -Time preference: none
- -Fee: none
- -Class size limit: 10 (unless student has own pen with them)
- -Crash space: no
- -Class description: A new arabic script to be use on scrolls and awards 
for middle eastern personas. This script uses the Arabic alphabet to 
form words in English.
- -Classes you want to take: 
1) Weaving isignia ribbons by Klare mette Katten
2) Arabic Calligraphy by Aslyn Crystyn

> 2.  Please send my your class handout, that will be added to the
> proceedings booklet.   

He will bring his own handouts for the class. most are not really 
appropriate for inclusion in a preceedings booklet, as they do not make 
much sense unless the class has abeen taken. If he writes up a general 
page that would be sutable for anyone, we will get it to you or just 
bring enough copies to tack onto the booklet.
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