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Wed Feb 17 14:57:15 PST 1999

I believe Stargate officers have recently discussing the issue of whether
or not to request Kingdom dissolve permanently  the College branch of Twr
Cath (or until more students begin again).  But, there was some noises over
there on campus from some older students about starting up the branch
again.   Perhaps Stargate is waiting to see if those noises are serious.
Either way, I would imagine that you can stop mailing the Gazette to them,
for now.

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Subject:  ANSTHRLD - Colleges (was: Branches)

This raised an interesting question -- how long may colleges be dormant --
so I
went to look it up.  Corpora states that institutional branches (such as
colleges) are allowed to go dormant without being dissolved.  Kingdom Law
that institutional branches may "temporarily" go dormant from time to time.
However, I wasn't able to find a definition of "temporarily".
- --Perronnelle

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