ANSTHRLD - Gazette

Charlene Charette charlene at
Mon Feb 22 15:32:52 PST 1999

Joe Wolf wrote:

> Thank you Lady Mari for your offer, but our new Star Herald - selfless soul that he is, has graciously offered to
> copy his own Gazette and bring that to me!!  Indeed, at this very moment I'm having a reliquery constructed
> to properly house such a graced piece of heraldic paperwork!!  Would that I -  a simple, ignorant, lowly herald
> were worthy of such a great honor!!

Besides, you won't get much done at the meeting tonight if no one has a copy of the Gazette, eh?

- --Perronnelle

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The discontent of the people is more dangerous to a monarch than all the might of his enemies on the battlefield.  --
Isabella d'Este

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