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Bordelon, Wendel Wendel_Bordelon at
Tue Feb 23 06:22:49 PST 1999

Greetings to all assembled here!  Star does hope that this etheral
communcation finds you well and at peace with the world.

At the plenary chapter meeting held at Westgate last weekend much was
discussed.  I presented several topics that I expected to be controversial.
To my surprise they seem to have caused less aggitation then one policy
statement.  Daniel summarized the statement as:
 "Star says that e-mail doesn't count as an official means of
  communication.  It's gotta be paper if it's official."

This summary is close to the message I had intended to convey but not
correct. The fault of the misunderstanding is of course mine because I did
not provide this statement in printed form.  A better summary would be that
official communications must be on paper.  My complete (unofficial)
statement is included below. The final offical policy will be published in
the AG.

Read the statement and give it some thought then let me know what you think.

Policy statement presented at Westgate...

"All items that of "formal communications" or "for the record" wil be
submitted on paper. This will include report, applications for office,
resignations from office, notification of warrent, and submissions.  E-mail
and telephone will continue to be used for informal communication such as
commentary, knowledge sharing, status queries and other day to day
communications and coordination."

Francois la Flamme, Star
star at

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