ANSTHRLD - Further clarification... Star has spoken!

Timothy of Glastonbury timothy_of_glastonbury at
Tue Feb 23 09:40:26 PST 1999

You will pardon here, but this seem very much isolationist.

Just because not everyone has it shouldn't mean that we should ban it.
 Everyone who holds an officership as a Herald must have a phone,
shall we accept reports this way, just because we all have it?

I realize and accept that there are needs to keep paper copies of
things.  So why not simply state that it is between you and your
upline whether or not you allow an email'ed report?  That way your
Regional (let's say for example) can decide wether or not he wants to
be bothered with printing out copies (or is capable of) in exchange
for the convinience to him of having it in an easily editable form.

My point is that there are levels.

BTW, From Star's posted statement it would sound like we must submit
Gazette commentary in paper form.

Ld. Timothy of Glastonbury
Incipient College of Three Bridges, for about 2 weeks more.

- ---Joe Wolf <WolfJ at> wrote:
> I think what seems to be missing from this discussion is courtesy.  
Not everyone has access to an electronic medium;
>  however the Postal Service delivers to all points in Ansteorra.  So
it is a courtesy to those without email to accept/require reports and
other formal documents on paper.  
> I think our Star Herald has found the perfect solution for the time
being... when email becomes even more prevalent
> than it is now (as in 100% saturation among the College of Heralds)
then a re-evaluation of medium would be in order.
> Herr Manfred von Wolf, Sentinal Pursuivant
> Barony of the Stargate, Ansteorra
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