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Wed Feb 24 13:40:07 PST 1999

>Feminine form; sound over spelling; region and time extremely flexible
>Kiera McFhlannchaidh
>1st element should be documentable as Irish (feminine of "Kiernan," no?)
>2nd element posing most difficulty - early origin of "Clancy?"
>                                                                   -
derivative/variation of "McFhlanncaid?"
>Any and all help would be... helpful!

I'll look this up when I get home tonight.  However, there is one big
problem here.  This seems to be a mix of Gaelic and Anglicized Gaelic which
we do not currently register.

Kiera - Gaelic does not have a "k", so I assume this is Anglicized Gaelic.
McFlannchaidh - the construction (Mc...) is Anglicized but the spelling of
Flannchaidh seems to be straight Gaelic.

You say that she wants sound over spelling.  How does she think these name
pieces sound?  

I'll see what I can dig up in my name library tonight.  My guess though, is
that we'll get the smallest amount of change if we make the whole thing
Anglicized.  Provided I can find documentation for Kiera, making the whole
thing Anglicized would only involve a change in the spelling of Flannchaidh.

Hope this helps some.  I'll let you know what I can find,


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