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At 11:16 AM 2/27/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Something being in paper does not mean that it'll be kept.  I just
>handed over the Bordure files: it was a moving box (book size) and a
>bag.  What I got from my predecessor: nothing.  He explained that he
>lived in a small place and didn't have room to store anything.  (My
>thought: not even a copy of your own LoIs?!?  A block of paper
>8.5"x11"x2", maybe?!?)  I believe no other Ansteorran heralds saved
>their copies because they knew Bordure was saving them.


Okay, folks.  One of my major projects so far has been to build a Bordure
library of LoIs of all the kingdoms.  The reason I wanted to do this is so
that I can answer questions for people that could not be answered for me a
short while ago.  Those questions go like this: "I know <SomeName> was
registed in '88 by Atenvelt.  The online O&A says so.  What documentation
did they use to get it through and is that documentation still useable?"

If you send me the citation from the online O&A, I can now look up what was
said on the LoI for most kingdoms from 1981-1991.  (Many thanks to Arval
Benicouer for being willing to send me his recycle pile when he cleaned out.)

I'll go home and make a list of what Ansteorran LoIs I have.  Then I'll
post it here.  If any of you can fill in the holes, I would be really
grateful.  At the very least, we should have a full set of Gazettes & LoIs
somewhere in the kingdom offices.  I think most of the Gazettes have gone
Asterisk's way.  The LoIs should logically be with Bordure.

>one with the big red FILE stamp.  Incoming paper messages are easier
>to be disciplined about: they'll sit there accusingly on the floor
>until you do something with them, and short of an accident or a
>whimsical pet you'd have to deliberately destroy them to lose them.

Yeah.  After I had carefully sorted incoming stuff into 3 separate files
(one to file, one to answer, and one to read), my cat Fionn (a green-eyed
red tabby) ever so helpfully shuffled them as he went chasing after a
non-existant bit of air.

>Daniel "next: how to photocopy a carrier pigeon" de Lincolia

Is that a class you're giving at a future heraldic symposium?  Where can we
sign up?


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