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Darin K. Herndon st.amaranth at
Sat Feb 27 12:51:15 PST 1999

In response to Perronnelle's question, Fergus wrote:
>Are we not active members of the College even though we are optional?

Star has the final decision on such things but...
I interpret the role I was given as Obelisk to be:  If any group has an
active herald as a branch officer (optional or not), so long as I know a
valid address I will be sending a Gazette.

Further clarification on this issue has to come from Star.  The heart of
what Fergus has really brought up is two issues.  First, will recognized
college members continue to receive Gazettes under the interpretation that
the information is required for them to do their jobs?  Second, what is
required to be "a member of the college" especially to be a member assigned
to a group?  I was not at the Westgate meeting but I imagine that while
opinions were offered, no definitive answer to that has come from Star yet.
It will be a little hard for him to offer a definitive policy until the
final, however it ends up amended, policy is adopted by the BoD.

Etienne, Obelisk

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