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<< The directive from 15 Year
 is almost the opposite of how Gazette mailings were explained to me when I
 took Obelisk. >>

The directive from 15 Year was never implemented, so far as I know.  When I
became Obelisk, Kiev as out-going Star and Tostig as beginning Star both told
me to send it to every group.  So I did, and I checked with Donal before I
told Etienne to do so.  

We have always accepted donations from the branches and from local and staff
heralds who were willing to pay for their subscriptions.  I intend to make one
of my Gazette letters a "thank-you and word fame" list of those who do so.
Probably starting in April, for 1st quarter.  (Get your payment in now to make
the list!)

Kathri, who has to get back to producing ILOI9903.  I'm very late, the Gazette
is gonna be late, and it's mostly my fault!   A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-gh!

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