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Sun Feb 28 23:03:02 PST 1999

Daniel wrote:

> (Of course, 5 minutes after mailing my mongo missive, I find that
> Donal indeed started as internal submissions herald from Tostig's
> tenure, as mentioned in T's first or second AG.  *sigh*)
I _started_ as deputy pursuivant to the perpetually-incipient Canton
of Many Names in SW Houston. :) Unless you meant for the phrase to be
read as "became internal submissions herald", in which case what you
say is true; or if you meant "became the first Asterisk to be internal
submissions herald", which I think is also true, though the titles and
job descriptions have changed many times in the dim past. Tostig's
first act as Star (even before the official announcement) was to
divorce the submissions function from the Principal Herald and give it
to what had previously been the "drop-dead" deputy.

Kathri at wrote:
> In a message dated 2/28/99 11:20:11 AM Central Standard Time, Ettienne wrote:
> << The directive from 15 Year
>  is almost the opposite of how Gazette mailings were explained to me when I
>  took Obelisk. >>
> The directive from 15 Year was never implemented, so far as I know.  When I
> became Obelisk, Kiev as out-going Star and Tostig as beginning Star both told
> me to send it to every group.  So I did, and I checked with Donal before I
> told Etienne to do so.
My relative SCA youth shows up at the darndest times...... at the time
of Ansteorran Fifteenth Year I was a local pursuivant, so new I never
even thought of attending. The directive was never implemented. As
Asterisk under Kief (at the time when that position had no real duties
other than "drop-dead"), it was explained to me that the Gazette was
provided free due to a nebulous directive from some more nebulous
authority (actually neither was nebulous, but I do not remember either
at this point) that no officer could be forced to purchase materials
for the office, neither could the branches be forced to pay monies to
the kingdom for anything not involving Kingdom sponsorship of events;
at the same time, the CoH was required to disseminate the information
regarding the progress of submissions. A free AG to the branches,
while soliciting donations, was seen as the best compromise. As
Asterisk under Tostig (at the time when that suddenly became the
Submissions Herald) and as Star I continued that. During my tenure as
Star pressure was taken off temporarily by Etienne's ability to
acquire sponsorship for the printing costs of the Gazette. The logic,
of course, is somewhat fuzzy; we require all officers to be members,
mostly so they will have access to the kingdom newsletter. But I and
my predecessors were all of the opinion that the outcry from the
various branches would be more trouble than it was worth to try to
enforce the payment.

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