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I was working on collating comments about potential names for the
Southern Region of Ansteorra and thought I'd run this by y'all.

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can be habit forming (well, for some of us).

A comment made on SCAHRLDS got me on the move again--but this should be
a relatively short list of alternatives.  In French, a well-documented
pattern for placenames is <given name derived from German> plus <curt>
or <court> (which means domain).  So literally, it's Whosit's Domain. 
Since Ragnar and Riccardo have been mentioned in prior discussions, I
took a gander at Dauzat et Rostaing under "r" and came up with these
possibilities (this is not an exhaustive list):

Rigecourt (modernly Richecourt)

As I'm no expert on this stuff, just a library drone, I can't say for
sure that none of the names I found were or were not the Gallic version
of the name "Ragnar"'s German cousin.  But I did find these period
placenames suggestive (no, not that kind, you lurking Danes) of the

Raginieri exclusa

If I'm reading it right, these could arguably be plugged in to fit the


although some grammatical changes might be necessary.  If anyone thinks
this is an idea worth pursuing, I'll see if I can find out more.

While I was in the book anyway, I checked out the "Champ des Lions"
suggestion to see if I could find some documentation.  There is a place
now called "Champole/on" which is found medievally as "Champolinus"
(1390), "Champolion" (1516), "Champolieu" (1557), and "Champollion."
Despite the fact it sounds like the French for "Field of the Lions,"
though, it is derived (if I'm anywhere near right on the French here)
from the Latin "campulus," a little field.

Okay.  I'll stop now.  But just for now--but I'll try to warn you when I
feel another naming spell come upon me.

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