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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Thu Jan 7 22:20:59 PST 1999

    From: Kathri at
    Subject: Re: Ready, set, go?

Unto Aelfuyn and others,

Yes, go -- anything that should be sent to Asterisk can / should /
could / better be sent to me at:

[Asterisk Herald]
Kay Flury
P O Box 2247
Houston TX 77252-2247

kathri at

You don't have to put the Asterisk line; I'll open it anyway.  And you
can put anything you like instead of the Asterisk line; they'll throw
it in my box anyway.  (They're still giving me mail for the company
that had the box before me, and I've had it 12 years.)

[Note from Daniel: yes, the US Post Office wants the address exactly
as shown above.  In particular, they read addresses from the bottom
up, so they want city/state/ZIP on the last line, the street
address/PO box on the line above it, and the recipient's real name on
the line above that.  What goes above that they don't really care
about.  Here endeth the lesson.]

I'm sorry I haven't checked my email for a few days.  I won't let that
happen again.  Everyone on the cc list is welcome to give my contact
information to anyone who needs it.  It should be in the January
Gazette, and I'll send it to the Black Star, etc.

Daniel, if you haven't posted the new Asterisk address to the
Ansteorran heralds' list, would you please do so?  I'm not currently a
subscriber and I'm going to get the first ILOI out before I do so, but
the heralds deserve to know where to send submissions.

Here we g-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!!!

Kathri at
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