ANSTHRLD - Gazette

Darin K. Herndon Obelisk at
Sat Jan 9 16:10:55 PST 1999

To whom the Gazette may concern:

My lady and I tried to make it to Steppes 12th Night to hand out Gazettes.
We made it one and a half blocks on our ice covered neighborhood streets
before we had an accident.  We are both fine however the car now has a bent
wheel and we cannot travel far on the spare wheel and tire.

I sincerely regret that the Gazette was not present for distribution as
promised.  They are going in the mail tonight.

Also, if someone could write me and let me know the details of Daniel's
Pelican ceremony I would appreciate it.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Obelisk Herald

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