ANSTHRLD - Emblazon from blazon

Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Tue Jan 19 17:02:38 PST 1999

A gentle asked me to see what the final registered version of her device
was, which turns out to be 

	"Per saltire Or and gules, two swords inverted in saltire argent
between two unicorns rampant sable."

Lessee if I can translate from heraldese to normal people talk.  The
shield is divided by an x, with the left and right portions gold/yellow
and the top and bottom sections in red.  On the yellow sections are
black unicorns rearing with only one foot on the ground.  On the red
sections are silver/white swords, business end down.

Did I read it right?

AElfwyn, who still feels shaky about the language problem
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