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Joe Wolf wolfj at
Fri Jan 29 08:22:11 PST 1999

Applicant is using the construction "X the Obstreperous"  (Can anyone guess who this is for?)   I was operating under the assumption that confirmation of the adjective used in period in conjuction with documentation for that naming convention would be suitable.  Am I all alone in left field??


>>> "Timothy A. McDaniel" <tmcd at> 01/29 10:00 AM >>>
> I'm assuming the OED is an acceptable source for a
> descriptive component of a name?

No, you assume wrong.  "the Big It" is composed of words in
a dictionary, but that doesn't make it a period-style byname.

OK, I was too brief (group meeting in 10 seconds).  The OED
is sufficient documentation IF you can document similar
period names.

Daniel de Lincolia
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