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P. Crandall Polk pcrandal at
Sun Jan 31 07:27:44 PST 1999

Caitlynmew at wrote:

> Hi..My name is Jennifer and Im just starting to get into heraldry and was
> wondering if anyone had any advice for a beginner? Im open to any
> suggestions.
> Thanks...

One of the better sources [on-line] for information is
This will give you links to many of the SCA style heraldic information sources.

Also, in your local area, there may be a wealth of information that is hidden in
front of you. In the Elfsea / Steppes area, for example, are a large number of
Heralds. Many of us do not hang signs on ourselves, so you may not know who we
Let us know where you live and we will try to get you in touch with someone
there, so you can have an opportunity to get questions and information, one on


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