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> We once had a member where I am from that had the name Kenric De La Lance.
>  If it is possible for someone to check against his documentation I bet you
>  would have a winner.

The only documentation of Kenric's byname is the translation from the French. 
 I quote:  
"de - French for of
  la - French for the
 Lance - French for Lance"

Things were simpler in '93/'94.  It passed Kingdom in 12/93 (ILoI1093) and 
was registered by Laurel in April of 1994, with no comment about it in the 
ILoAR or the LoAR.  My files don't have the collated commentary or the LoI 
from then.   

Nowadays we need more proof that names were used or constructed in a similar 
form during our period. But it was a great thought!  And I'm thrilled that 
the file was actually in the cabinet, where it was supposed to be, and I 
could find the relevant Gazette and Laurel letter!

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