ANSTHRLD - Assistance requested: Conflict check with time value Kathri at
Sat Jul 3 09:43:34 PDT 1999

SCHMIRDT!  I left a word out of a blazon in ILoI0499, and didn't discover it 
until the decision meeting at King's College.  I don't know what I was 
thinking - or if I was thinking - when I reviewed the comments.  I should 
have caught it then.

Would anyone who will please recheck for conflicts, to be sure that the 
missing 'sable' didn't mask a conflict?  The true blazon for Amariah de 
Clovis is:

Argent, a double-headed phoenix sable rising from flames gules and a bordure 
sable platy

Thanks for all your help.  

Kathri, Asterisk
kathri at
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