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Polydore at writes:

> This is the stretch position that cats often do with their back ends
>  standing upright, and their front quarters low with their front feet
>  stretched out in front of their heads.
>  Can anybody tell me what this position is called, assuming it even
>  exists in our heraldry?

The Pic Dic lists "other postures, peculiar to the cat" including:

"s'elongeant", stretching (as only a cat can)

That sounds like what you want, but a search of the O&A shows it registered 
only once:

Patri du Chat Gris - Either the name or the following device associated it 
(or both) were registered in June of 1973:
Sable, a cat counter-s'elongeant within a bordure argent.
In 1973 the SCA was not very picky about heraldry, and I'm concerned about 
the fact that it hasn't been registered since.  It would be wise to have 
someone check the precedents to see if the posture has been declared 
unregisterable, and best if you can find a period example of this.   

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