ANSTHRLD - Question of Display

Richard Threlkeld rjt2 at
Sun Jul 4 16:09:36 PDT 1999

Greetings and Salutations to all!
I came across a question this afternoon, and hope for assistance from the
learned gentles here available.
Since kingdom arms are only displayed when the crown is present, and
baronial arms similarly, what is the usage for the display of shire or
Canton arms (they having no titular head)? When any member of the populace
is there on shire/canton business, or as one lady reported she was told,
only when the seneschal is present? in person or via deputy on official
business as mentioned previously)?

Thanking your worships in advance for any and all enlightenment on this
Ker Megan of Taransay
(incipient Nautilus for Elfsea)

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