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On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Richard Threlkeld <rjt2 at> wrote:
> Since kingdom arms are only displayed when the crown is present, and
> baronial arms similarly, what is the usage for the display of shire
> or Canton arms (they having no titular head)?

I can quibble with the first part: royal heralds on the Crown's or
Baron/ess's business can use the arms on their tabards even if the
landed-type person isn't present.

I know of no SCA-wide custom on the subject, nor have I heard of any
Ansteorran rulings, though old-timers might be able to remember.

Since they are corporate (little "c") arms, I personally think it
appropriate to use them when "the shire" is throwing the event or if
"the shire" is present or wishes to be thought of as present.  I use
the term "the shire" intentially loosely and vaguely.  For example, I
hope that shire banners are at ATYC, and a shire might have its banner
next its pavillion and gettogether point at a neighboring barony's

I would not restrict its use to the presence of the seneschal, who is
simply a major administrative official.

Daniel de Lincolia
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