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Wed Jul 7 08:50:37 PDT 1999

Yes, The Canton of Westgate in the Barony of Stargate's bid for hosting
Knowne World Heraldic Symposium - 2000 has indeed been accepted.   So,
think Houston in June/July 2000.   Site and date are still to be announced,
but we are leaning toward June 23-25th, right after Kings College, in 2000.

I guess you could say it was by default, as we were the only written bid to
get in, but I'm told this is not unusual.    Besides, If the College was
opposed to Houston, they would have come up with another bid..

We had provided the College of Arms with a list of 3 different hotel
options in varying prices and locations, and a option for Rice University
campus...some nice options there with many classrooms.    Laurel is still
considering the options, and I need to get to the sites to confirm dates
and such, again.    I hope to have site confirmed no later than July 23rd.
Then we will be able to move forward on classes and extras.

At ATYC, I am planning to be at the Heraldic Consultation area or the
Scribal paint area  on Friday afternoon sometime if you want to discuss
this event with me.  Also,  Kathri tells me there is a college meeting to
discuss ILOI#?? on Friday around 5ish, so I will follow that meeting to
tell you all what I know to date, and discuss the event, probably around
5:30pm.    Just in case the schedule changes, I will post a notice at the
Heralds consultation tables in the great hall.

Baroness Hillary Greenslade/Autocrat KWHS-2000     Westgate/Stargate

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The Artemesian bid has withdrawn.  The only other bid was Ansteorra's
Stargate bid.  Unless there were problems with the Ansteorra's bid,
then, I expect we'll get it.

Daniel de Lincolia

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