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This email will cover basically the same answers given by Magnus (von
Lubeck, I believe) for the questions of heraldic titles from Thomas of
Eynsham.  I am going to try and go into more detail though and
specifically, literally answer each of Thomas' questions.  Most of the
information below is based on real knowledge, some of it is my
interpretation (though I'll try to flag that).  If I misspeak any of this
below, please educate me as I am looking at this as a learning opportunity
for myself as well.

I need to preface Thomas' questions by making a note that there are
Personal Heraldic Titles and there are Heraldic Offices.  In some kingdoms
(and yes, it varies) the local college of heralds is run like a guild and
there are apprentice, journeyman, and master ranks with a Personal Heraldic
Title given to those of master rank (so I have heard).  I believe that the
Laurel Queen (or King) of Arms can also bestow/register (same thing in this
case) such titles.  And, within a kingdom, I believe that such
registrations (which do go through the same submission process as a name)
must be initiated by the principal herald.  If I am wrong on this I hope
someone will let me know.  Thomas seems more interested in the Heraldic
Offices in his questions though.

Question #1:  Is there somewhere a list of the various titled heraldic
positions (eclipse, zodiacus, etc.) in the Kingdom?
Yes.  There are two lists and they do not match.  The first list (and most
reliable/helpful) is the list produced each quarter as an insert in the
"Ansteorran Gazette" (heralds' newsletter which I publish).  This list
shows both active positions in the Ansteorran College and the current
office holders.  It also lists the branch heralds of each active branch.

The positions (in the Gazette roster) are segmented into departments called
"Arms of the College".  Each arm has a titled Herald to lead/manage that
department.  The Star Principal Herald is the head of the entire
The "Submissions and Commentary Arm" is managed by the Asterisk Herald and
currently includes as members the Bordure Herald and the Armillary Herald.
The "Regional Administration Arm" is made up of the Regional Heralds who
are directly overseen by Star and includes:  Eclipse Herald (Central),
Solstice Herald (Coastal), Nordsteorra Herald (Northern), Twilight Herald
(Southern), and Equinox Herald (Western).
The "Precedence Arm" is led by the Zodiacus Herald who is supported by the
Forerynel Pursuivant.
The "Education Arm" is led by the Tressure Herald who is supported by the
Golden Staff, Wakeforest, Sigillarius, Orbis, Runicus, and Syntaxis
The "Publications Arm" is led by the Obelisk Herald and currently includes
the Retiarius Pursuivant and the college archivist (who is not titled at
this time).
The "College of Scribes" in the Ansteorran organization is an Arm of the
College of Heralds and is led by Star Signet.  The scribal college includes
Stellar Scroll and Sable Scroll and five regional scribes who are not
Also, do not forget that groups of baronial rank may have a titled
Pursuivant though they are branch heralds.

Question(?) #2:  I'm really interested in a list that describes the job
responsibilities, who has the job currently and how to contact that person.
For "... who has the job currently and how to contact that person", the
Gazette roster would be the best source.  The Gazette roster is published
quarterly (February, May, August, and November) and includes the
information you have requested.
The list of job responsibilities is a bit more fluid.  The title assigned
to a responsibility and even whether a responsibility gets its own title or
gets added to someone elses workload is an organizational decision of Star
Principal.  Different Stars have different organizational goals so some
change in offices/responsibilities/titles can occur at anytime as Star sees
the need.  The list that Magnus posted is fairly accurate (currently) but
I'll add a little to some of what he listed on the scribes.
The Stellar Scroll is responsible for the registration of Achievements in
this kingdom.  The role is similar to Asterisk Herald though Achievements
are only an in-kingdom item.  The Sable Scroll changes (usually) with the
Crown and serves as the Crown's personal illuminator, calligrapher, and
organizer/supplier of scrolls.

For more on job responsibilities, I suggest two resources.  The "Ansteorran
Gazette" which includes a "Who Sends What to Whom" section on the cover.
And, the warranting class for branch heralds since some of this is in that
packet and should be discussed in the class.

You may remember from the beginning of this really long answer that there
are two lists of heraldic titles.  The second is the Armorial; whether
online or in paper, such titles must be registered and can be viewed in
that source document.  You will find (if you look) that there are many more
heraldic titles registered to Ansteorra than shown on the Gazette roster or
mentioned above.  Baronial Heralds titles are registered to the kingdom and
are listed there.  Also, there are more registered titles than active
offices currently and their use (or not) and assignement is strictly the
provence of Star Principal.

By the way, never assume a heraldic title or you may find out about the
Militant Arm of the Ansteorran College of Heralds.  (Yes, Ansteorra has a
militant arm of the heralds' college.  For real.)

I hope this helps answer some of your questions and that you have found
pointers to information sources.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Obelisk Herald

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