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Ron Knight rknight at
Wed Jun 23 11:26:10 PDT 1999

Unto Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
>From Baron Modar Neznanich


You asked for a double-check of the device:

Argent, on a bend cotised between two fleurs-de-lys sable, 
a feather argent.

This appears clear.  The closest I found was the device of 
Canth of Thescorre (Registered in February of 1975):
Argent, on a bend sable cotised gules between two fleurs-de-lis sable, 
a dragon passant Or.

There is a CD for the tincture of the cotises (gules vs sable).
There is a CD for 2 changes of the tertiaries (in this case type and tincture).

Nice device.

I hope you enjoyed the Lilies War.  My lady and I regret we did not get
to say good-bye in person.  A further regret is that you were not present
for the small Baronial Court we held on Saturday.

There were two awards read in court (so that it would be official) that
you might find of interest.  One scroll read:
Etienne de St. Amaranth has given great assistance and aid to 
Our Barony, and is therefore welcome in any of Our courts. 
In keeping with the traditions of ancient times, we offer the 
right to wear the Baronial Colors, as a person of respect, 
and a co-defender of Our lands.

The other is the same text, but with your lady's name.

These were given in recognition of the courtesy, generosity and
help you have shown to us, who are the Baronage of Forgotten Sea,
plus the work you have done for Calontir while visiting at our war, both
this year and the previous year.  As such, with the agreement of our
populace, we decided to present you and your lady with the Baronial
Colors, making you honorary members of our Barony.

Vivat, Ansteorra!!!!

We hope to have your awards mailed to you soon.
We would have waited and presented them to you in person
but as a mutual meeting at an event might be a ways off, we
want to get them to you as soon as possible.

And this forum presents a manner in which we can award
you and let it be known amongst your colleagues.

In Service to Crown, Kingdom and Society,

Modar Neznanich
8th Baron of Forgotten Sea
Kingdom of Calontir
Saker Herald Emeritus

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