ANSTHRLD - Looking for someone (fwd) marsha.greene at
Thu Jun 24 16:10:34 PDT 1999

I just got off the phone with Jason, who has since moved from the below
address to the Pearland area.  The box is indeed his Heralds box from when
he was court herald to Duke Jean Rischard Malcolmson, and he would love to
have it returned.  As he and his lady are not able to attend ATYC, he would
like Borek to forward it to either HL Kathri or myself, who can then see
that it is returned to him once it returns to Stargate.    I should be at
Heralds Consultation table some time Friday afternoon, and will be
attending the Apprentice Gathering in the Hall at 8pm on Friday.

Thank you Borek for seeing that it has been in such good care.     Baroness
Hillary Greenslade

Borek was looking for:
> Jason MacPherson
>  (mka Jason Lee)
>  2700 Westridge St Apt 106
>  Houston, TX 77054-1523
I know this gentleman, and I know people who know this gentleman.  There is
also the chance that the box actually belongs to Loch Soillier.  I'll check
on it.  Meantime, Borek, would you bring the box to ATYC?  If I can't get
Jason to pick it up himself, will you trust me to bring it back to Coastal
Region and get it back where it belongs?

Kathri, Asterisk

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