ANSTHRLD - Re: Conflict Check

R. Smith russ at
Fri Jun 25 22:47:44 PDT 1999

Modar said:
> Tighearnach mac Morgain asked for opinions on
> the proposed device:
> >Argent masoned sable, a feather bendwise sinister Or.
> As the field is majorly argent with just some sable,
> I do not believe this would be treated as a neutral field,
> which is normally considered half metal-half color,
> and hence it would be returned for metal on metal.
> A quick check of the O&A does not show any examples
> of "argent masoned <any tincture>" with Or charges on it.
> Modar

Ahem, sorry, yes.  I meant to say:

Sable masoned argent, a feather bendwise sinister Or.

Tighearnach mac Morgain
Dyslexic Herald of Mooneschadowe

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