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Teceangl tierna at
Wed Jun 30 15:07:28 PDT 1999

> > Against Heralds' Seals: Silver Quill Pursuivant - January of 1976:
> > (Tinctureless) A quill bendwise sinister within a roundel.
> The device above is fieldless, so the roundel becomes the primary charge and
> the feather is the secondary charge. Against the proposed device I see one
> CD for the field vs. fieldless, a second for the roundel vs. the feather,
> and a third for addition of the secondary charge.

Ah, but heraldic rules have changed (drastically, in some ways) since the
registration of the above device.  Currently, a fieldless badge submitted
as a roundel/billet/heart/cartouche/other shape which can be a base for
armorial display is considered as though the roundel/etc.'s tincture were
a field tincture.  
Clarifying:  What's submitted currently as "(Fieldless) On a roundel sable
a mullet argent" will be conflict checked as "Sable, a mullet argent".  I
wasn't certain if that sort of adjustment was made retroactively on pre-
existing registrations under current checking or not.  Which is why I could
not immediately assume we had an X@ clearance between the devices.

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