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> I can document Cathrine, but I need
>  help with de Lance.  If I am not mistaken de Lance means she is from
>  Lance????  Her persona is 14th Century French. 
Yes, that's one meaning, and one of our standard souces supports it.  Dauzet, 
p 362 of "..Noms de Famille.." under "Lance" says it is "aussi n. de hameau 
(La Lance, Dr{o^}me, Tarn-et-Garonne)"  which I translate as "also the name 
of a place, La Lance in Dr{o^}me of Tarn-et-Garonne."  (Dr{o^}me would be 
roughly the county and Tarn-et-Garonne roughly the state, but very roughly.  
French geography looks a bit strange to us Swiss-Milanese types. :>) )

"De La Lance" may be a little easier to support, but "de Lance" certainly 
seems possible.   Given the  Dauzet citation, maybe someone who knows more 
about French names could advise you on the details.

Kathri (always glad to have another member of the Sisterhood of Catherine, 
even if it is a Frenchwoman).

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