ANSTHRLD - Arrabella o/t Barren Plains Brent_Ryder at
Mon Nov 1 12:31:35 PST 1999

Unto the populace of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, doth HL Borek Vitalievich Volkov,
Arbalest Pursuivant send greetings

I am here to retract a statement to the effect that 'Arabella of the Barren
Plains does not like to play with the Wastelands'. I received this information
'second hand' and submitted it as a reason for the submitter not wanting
'Wastelands' as their last name. I am sorry if I have slandered Arabella or
caused anyone distress over this statement. It was not my intent.

In Service to Ansteorra

HL Borek Vitalievich Volkov
Arbalest Pursuivant

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