ANSTHRLD - Conflict check requested

Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Tue Nov 16 07:34:12 PST 1999

> > Quarterly argent and azure

Timothy Rayburn wrote:
> My simple checking skills produced the following conflicts (I believe)
> :
> Cathan the Tinker
> The following device associated with this name was registered in
> February of 1996 (via the Middle):
> Quarterly bendy sinister sable and argent and azure.
> This is the only one I spotted, but I only quickly checked anything
> with Quarterly and "and azure" on the website.  But the above doesn't
> even have one CD because it's not changing the color of half the field,
> unless I'm mistaken.  Hope this helps.
> Timothy of Glastonbury

The different line of division is one CD, I believe.  Lessee, what's the
rule for Field Primary (sorry to parse it publically, but otherwise I
get lost):

X.4.a.ii: Field-Primary Armory - If neither of two pieces of armory
being compared has charges...

[This would be the case here,]
...or if each has the same uncharged peripheral ordinary, they may
derive greater difference from changes to the field. Such armory will be
called field-primary armory. For the purposes of this rule the
peripheral ordinaries are the chief, the bordure, the base (including
the point pointed), the quarter, the canton, the gyron, the orle, the
double tressure, and flaunches.

(a) Substantial Change of Partition - If two pieces of field-primary
armory have substantially different partitions, they are considered
sufficiently different and do not conflict, irrespective of any other
similarities between them. Any divided field is substantially different
from any plain field: Per pale azure and vert is substantially different
from Azure. ....Per chevron Or and gules is not substantially different
from Chevronelly Or and gules, nor is Per pale wavy purpure and argent
substantially different from Paly wavy argent and purpure, though in
each case there is a clear difference between the fields...

[so it sounds could be a substantial difference between "Quarterly bendy
sinister" and "Quarterly"]

....(c) Other Field-Primary Armory - In any case, independent changes to
the tincture, direction of partition lines, style of partition lines, or
number of pieces in the partition may be counted
separately                 when comparing two pieces of field-primary
armory. There are two clear differences between Per chevron argent and
azure and Per pale nebuly argent and azure.

1 CD for the change of the line of division; what about the addition of

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