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Darin Herndon darin_herndon at
Tue Nov 16 16:18:00 PST 1999

Kathri, et al.,

Concerning: "I need a conflict check, please, for:  Quarterly agent and azure  Preferably by early Saturday morning, Nov 20, if possible.  I appreciate your help."  What happened to "Quarterly azure and argent"?  I take it from commentary on the list that an ordinary got involved.  Bordure, orle?

I have to agree with Timothy that there is a conflict with:  Cathan the Tinker - Quarterly bendy sinister sable and argent and azure.  There is change of tincture to one quarter of the field space and visually this looks like a cadency claim, a very close cadency claim.

I also have to agree with the Panama conflict Magnus found.

The reason I ask about the " and argent" version and the ordinary is (and please educate me where necessary, I really do like learning):  when comparing a device consisting only of an ordinary upon a field and it is being compared a device with only the same field then should not the two be clear by X.1 addition of a primary charge with the ordinary acting as the primary charge?  Or cannot peripheral ordinaries be primary charges?  (Assuming a bordure for an example) Then would not "Quarterly azure and argent" be clear of "Quarterly azure and argent, a bordure [some tincture]" by addition/removal of a primary charge?

Just curious,
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