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Darin Herndon darin_herndon at
Wed Nov 17 06:26:31 PST 1999

Thanks to Magnus, Daniel, and Kathri for the answers on peripheral ordinaries vs. primary charges.

On a tangent, Daniel you wrote:
    For the purposes of this rule the peripheral ordinaries are the
    chief, the bordure, the base (including the point pointed), the
    quarter, the canton, the gyron, the orle, the double tressure, and

My tangent question is: are there any registered arms in the SCA with a gyron as an ordinary rather than a gyronny field?  My search of the Ordinary online did not turn up any but I may not have set my parameters correctly.  Another question, if a gyron were placed upon a field, where does it appear by default (dexter chief?)?  If you wanted a gyron placed in a different location, say in/from the sinister chief quadrant, how would that be blazoned?

Seigneur Etienne

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