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Wed Nov 17 07:52:28 PST 1999

Actually, Modar ... wait, this is Ansteorran Heralds'!  Geez, Modar,
you *are* a heraldry junkie! ... anyway, I also see

Dragonsspine, Barony of|9105O|d|Or, four gyrons in chief azure, their
points conjoined and surmounted by a wingless dragon dormant purpure,
and in base a laurel wreath vert.||DRAGON:1:purpure:t1|GYRON|LW:1:not

Ilissa the Nightwatcher|8809S|d|Per fess sable and gules, two gyrons
issuant from dexter chief and from sinister, conjoined at the honor
point and in sinister chief an increscent, all
argent.||CRESCENT:1:argent:increscent|GYRON|PFESS:pl:sable:~and gules

Melisande of Hali|7303|D|Gules, two gyrons issuing from dexter chief
and sinister base ermine between a seven-stringed harp and a scimitar

Mons Tonitrus, Barony of|9208A|b|Per fess sable and argent, three
gyrons issuant from chief argent and three chevronels braced
sable.|(For the Order of the Defenders of Mons
Tonitrus)|CHEVRON:3:sable|GYRON|PFESS:pl:sable:~and argent

Paul of Cambridge|7908|D|Per pale sable and argent, a pile issuing
from dexter to fess point argent, in fess two grey goose quills
bendwise, that to dexter inverted proper, a chief
azure.||CHIEF:azure:pl:unc|FEATHER AND
QUILL:2:sable|GYRON|PPALE:pl:sable:~and argent

Simon Garth|9309X|d|Purpure, a cross potent throughout between four
gyrons Or.||CROSS:complex line:or:unc|GYRON:4:or:second|PU

(Modar, my guess is that you did what I did first, search for
" gyron ".  When I noticed the category was "GYRON", I searched for
"|GYRON\>" ("\>" is a word boundary in GNU Emacs).)

Mind you, I couldn't emblazon most of these.  I don't see how you can
fit four full width and equal-length gyrons in chief and make them
conjoin, for just one example.

The reason why gyrons are on the list is that I started to ask Da'ud
about his proposed wording for the new X.4.a.ii: "Why a canton and not
a quarter?", et cetera.  We dragged out a source, probably _An
Heraldic Alphabet_, and just went thru some list of peripheral

Daniel de Lincolia
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