ANSTHRLD - Conflict check & More

Ron Knight rknight at
Wed Nov 17 08:12:48 PST 1999


You wrote:

>Actually, Modar ... wait, this is Ansteorran Heralds'!  
>Geez, Modar, you *are* a heraldry junkie! 

Yes, I am a heraldry junkie.  And as for this being an
Ansteorran Herald's List.....well, don't you know there's
a trade agreement between Calontir and Ansteorra?  <grin>

Wait until you find out about "the herald to be named later" clause!!!

Thanks for the additional registrations!!!!

>(Modar, my guess is that you did what I did first, search for
>" gyron ".  When I noticed the category was "GYRON", I searched for
>"|GYRON\>" ("\>" is a word boundary in GNU Emacs).)

You're absolutely correct.   Thanks for the GNU Emacs lesson.
That will be extremely useful in the future!!!

>The reason why gyrons are on the list is that I started to ask Da'ud
>about his proposed wording for the new X.4.a.ii: "Why a canton and 
>not a quarter?", et cetera.  We dragged out a source, probably _An
>Heraldic Alphabet_, and just went thru some list of peripheral

Ah.... ('nuf said)


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