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Ron Knight rknight at
Wed Nov 17 10:48:58 PST 1999

Unto the Bordure Herald of Ansteorra
and all other Ansteorran heralds

>From Baron Modar Neznanich of Calontir


It was written:

>And KWHS (in Stargate, Ansteorra this year) specifically 
>doesn't conflict with Lillies.  

We appreciate this very much.  Thank you!!!
(Being one of the Barons involved in the
coming year's "dispute", I'm definitely tied
up during that time.)

>So we look forward to being able to show Calontir heralds
>our Ansteorran hospitality this year!  

Every time that I have visited Ansteorra, I have received
nothing but hospitality, friendliness and respect.
Ansteorra is a great Kingdom!!!

And speaking of heraldic symposiums, I will give
a pre-invite to everyone for the upcoming
Calontir Heraldic Symposium.  

A formal invite will be sent once to your Kingdom once
all the details are finished.  It will be on April 8, 2000.  
It will be held in the Kansas City area. 

Everyone from Ansteorra who is interested is invited
to attend.  And anyone who might like to teach a class
should contact the Gold Falcon Herald, Lord Madoc Arundel.
His e-mail address is: gold_falcon at

In Service to Crown, Kingdom and Society,
Baron Modar Neznanich, CLM, CSH, CT, CCC
Saker Herald Emeritus
Kingdom of Calontir
Barony of Forgotten Sea
Modar's Heraldry Page: 

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