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Teceangl tierna at
Mon Jan 3 21:02:00 PST 2000

I changed the subject line a bit, so it wouldn't get lost in
other conflict check threads (which seem to be triggered by
a single posting often).
> I need some help.  One of my shire members wants to
> register "vert, a wolf's head erased, Argent."
> I do not know how to do an on-line check and I am
> afraid that this is so simple that someone is bound to
> have something close registered.
> Can someone tell me how to access the on-line
> ordinary?

Either off the SCA Heralds webpage, or you can go directly to one
of the sites:

They're all identical.
Next, you want to go directly to SCA Ordinary, then H.
The category you wish to check first is Head - Beast - Dog - Sole primary
then after that Head - Beast - Dog - Group primary

(By X.2. the proposal cannot conflict with anything but other canine heads
as primary charges.)
We're checking "Vert, a wolf's head erased argent".
Style notes: erased and couped have no difference, cabossed is affronty and 
does.  Ululant is no different from default.  Dogs are dogs, so a wolf's
head conflicts with no CDs from any other canine's head.
Any field but vert is a CD.  Any head position but facing dexter is a CD.
The presence of any other charges which are *not* maintained is a CD.

So we're looking for: <Field> a canine's head couped/erased argent
               Vert, a canine's head <any position> argent
               Vert, a canine's head couped/erased argent with other charges
		 (with the last, we count other charges to made CDs)

And here's the conflict:
   Wulfstan of Lucerne - July of 1984 (via the Middle):
   Per chevron argent and sable, in base a wolf's head erased argent.

There is one CD for changes to the field.  There is no CD for moving the
head to base, because that move is forced by virtue of the upper part of
the field being argent.

There are plenty of argent canine heads on vert, and other fields, including
the basic secondary charges.  But I just checked and am 90% certain (someone
please doublecheck this) that "Vert, three wolves' heads erased argent" is
completely clear.  Would the client like that?

- - Teceangl
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     God bless...
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