ANSTHRLD - Retiarius applications

Charlene Charette charlene at
Sun Jan 2 23:32:48 PST 2000

A reminder that the deadline for Retiarius applications is January 15th.

The job of Retiarius involves receiving commentary from groups and
individuals and collating it into a single document.  This is then sent
to Asterisk, Obelisk, and the Virtual Scribe (for the Ansteorran web
page).  The job usually involves 3 to 10 hours a month (mostly at one
sitting, varies with the size of the Gazette).  Because this is an
administrative position a knowledge of commenting is helpful, but not
absolutely necessary.

Requirements include email access, word processing (preferably Word or
Word Perfect), and an ability to work with a deadline.

Applications will be taken until January 15, 2000.  I will collate the
commentary due January 20th and my successor will start with the
commentary due February 20th.  Applications should be sent to Obelisk
and Retiarius (no need to carbon Star as we live in the same house).

- --Perronnelle, Retiarius

- --
I believe five out of four people have trouble with fractions.

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