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Mon Jan 3 23:46:38 PST 2000

Greetings to the list!

A formal written inclusion of this information will be in the February
Gazette but I felt a need to post it here due to the time lag.

A Fasttracked item was inadvertantly left out of the AICC published in the
December Gazette.  While I cannot include the emblazon, please note the
following passed kingdom and was sent to Laurel with the December LoI:

Kay Leigh Drake (Steppes)
Change of primary name from Caley Drake registered 12/98.  Resubmitted device.
Or, in saltire two wolves salient contourny azure, on a chief sable, three
ermine tails Or.
Documentation provided:
Kay -- Reaney & Wilson (p 260 under Kay); Britus filius Kay - 1199; from
"OW Cai, MW Kai"
Leigh -- Bardsley (p 477 under Legh), dates and names cited - Thomas Legh -
1580, Jane Leigh - 1617
Drake -- Bardsley (p 252 under Drake) names and dates cited: Seman Drake -
1273, Stephen Drake - I Edw. III, Ricardus Drake - 1379, Sarah Drake -
1645.  Also Reaney & Wilson (p 141 under Drake) names and dates cited:
Robert, David Drake - 1185, 1190.  Also grandfathered from currently
registered name "Caley Drake."
Photocopies: None needed.  (Ansteorra had advance notice that Bardsley will
be "no photocopy" in the near future, since we helped Laurel get a copy of
Submission history: "Per fess Or and azure, a wolf dormant and another
inverted counterchanged" was returned in kingdom 6/98 for violation of the
Laurel precedent against inverted animals.
Changes:  Minor changes only.  Sound "kay lee drake" is most important.
Gender doesn't matter.

With apologies for the omission,
Seigneur Etienne
Obelisk Herald

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