ANSTHRLD - Mourning a (paper) loss

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Jan 5 11:32:23 PST 2000 is an article
about BMC, who has as employees Star and Bordure (and a few other
employees of lesser interest, I suppose):

    HOUSTON (Reuters) - Business software maker BMC Software
    Inc. Wednesday forecast disappointing fiscal third-quarter
    earnings, touching off a sharp sell-off in its stock.
        The company said its earnings would fall short of Wall Street
    expectations because of weakness in the North American market.
        The Houston-based company said it expects earnings of $100
    million to $110 million, or 40 to 44 cents per diluted share.
    Analysts had expected 53 cents a share for the quarter, ended
    Dec. 31.  BMC expects to report third-quarter results on Jan. 25.
    [That's an earnings drop of 17% to 25%.]
        BMC's earnings warning sparked a wave of selling in its
    shares ...

The stock's 52-week high was 84 1/16, and it closed yesterday at 77.
It's currently at 49 3/4, down 27 1/4 (35%) from yesterday, and down
34 5/16 (41%) from its 52-week high.  With 242,351,000 shares
outstanding, it's a $6.6 billion loss of market value.

Mari, Francois, if you have stock or options, my sympathies.

Daniel de Lincolia
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