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Thu Jan 6 10:03:04 PST 2000

I was going to make this suggestion only to Etienne, but I thought it
useful in general:

It was a great reform when AGs, ILoIs, et cetera, stopped being
referred to by number (when was ILoI #86?) and referred to by date.
However, the number has one great virtue: looking thru some back
issues, you can tell where you're missing issues.  If there's just a
single month, it has sometimes taken me some close reading of
surrounding issues to tell.  During the run of unfortunate issues in
late 1994, the first issue came out dated "August - September -
October 1994", which helped that greatly.

Thus: if an AG is omitted to catch up to the schedule, please label it
with *both* the months that it's replacing.

Daniel de Lincolia
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