Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at
Thu Jan 6 10:26:00 PST 2000

>Thus: if an AG is omitted to catch up to the schedule, please label it
>with *both* the months that it's replacing.
Daniel, are you really referring to the AG or to the ILoI in the AG?

Current intent, so far as I know, is that the administrative packet to be
issued this month will be the AG for January.  Probably be some letters
included as well.  So, February will not be a make up for January-February.

The ILoI on the other hand will be a January-February ILoI including the
submissions which would have been in both month's ILoIs.  Are you
suggesting that instead of ILoI0002 (or ILoI200002) it should be a January
& February ILoI and titled such?

Or was your comment only about Gazette datings?


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