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Jacquie Ziegler shauna at
Wed Jan 19 22:36:44 PST 2000


tmcd at wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Jacquie Ziegler <shauna at> wrote:
> > Just a question - what do you mean by 'full-service'?
> You know -- fire-and-forget.

Oh, I get it - idea to work to final forms, have a staff gopher
do the copies/coloring, etc. I wouldn't have thought of charging
more, because all this past year as I have been doing this very
thing, I have been charging the $10 per item and using the 
$2 local cut to defray my extra copy/work time expenses - if
there wasn't much to a particular table/submission, I cut half
of it back to the local, along with their copies, so that they
didn't feel 'left out' of the loop.
> I was surprised that people were willing to pay such a premium for
> fire-and-forget.  I guess they're not cheap bastards, or our forms are
> just that painful or tedious or unpleasant.  Hrmm.

I don't think it is that the forms are 'painful, tedious or unpleasant', 
just that a lot of submitters feel that, because we work with the forms
a lot, we know what to do to fill them out correctly. I still make
the submitter put their name/address/phone number/DOB in so that there
is no question that I have the right person with the right paperwork -
if it is in my handwriting, I sometimes get things mixed up! :-)

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