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Bordelon, Wendel Wendel_Bordelon at
Thu Jan 20 07:25:30 PST 2000

Greetings to one and all!

>> I was surprised that people were willing to pay such a premium for
>> fire-and-forget.  I guess they're not cheap bastards, or our forms are
>> just that painful or tedious or unpleasant.  Hrmm.

> I don't think it is that the forms are 'painful, tedious or unpleasant', 
> just that a lot of submitters feel that, because we work with the forms
> a lot, we know what to do to fill them out correctly. 

I have talked to many of the people that chose to pay the extra to get the
"Full Service". 
Most of those people did it simply for the convenience.  A reason often
sited was "my time is worth more than that" amount of money.  I will stress
that if a submitter wishes to use the resources (consulting, books, forms,
heraldic artists) and fill out all the forms and turn them in at the table
the cost is the standard $9.  I know that outside of the
consulting/submissions tables, I will often help the client by copying and
coloring the forms for no extra charge, that is easy to do when it is
one-on-one.  Not so easy when you get 28 submissions, or 82 as we did at
ATYC, in just a few hours.

The "convenience charge" goes into the heraldic funds to help prevent the
need to up the standard submissions fee.  

--Francois, Star
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