ANSTHRLD - Augmentation Charter text

Bordelon, Wendel Wendel_Bordelon at
Thu Jan 20 11:21:49 PST 2000

For those who may be interested....

Charter text for the awarding of an Augmentation:

So let all know that we ______ and ______ King and Queen of Ansteorra in
consideration of singular noble Virtues and Accomplishments do by this our
Charter give and grant unto our well-beloved and faithful ______ an
Augmentation of Arms.  We charge and command <him/her> to consult with Us
and Our College of Heralds for the exact form and to speedily register such
Augmentation.  We further charge and command <him/her> to appear before Our
court, or the court of Our Heirs, upon registration of this Augmentation
that the form and blazon of It may be heralded before the populace of
Ansteorra and the Known World shall know this <man/woman> and the sign of
Our favor.  This is so done and given in our ________ on the ______ day of
______ Anno Societatis ______ being Anno Domini ______.

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