ANSTHRLD - Galen's Augmentation

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Fri Jan 21 06:14:27 PST 2000

yep yep, I did. So tell me, if Galen say decided to move the star to the
middle of the bend (between the axes) it would then be  'As an
augmentation on the bend in fess a mullet of five greater five lesser
points sable' yes? no? 50/50? call a friend? Thought i would make sure
before I make Galens desired change.


PS Etienne, Did you E-Mail Daffydd and Octavia about the authorization

"Darin K. Herndon" wrote:
> Daniel wrote as the possible blazon:
> >    Gules, a bend wavy between two double bitted axes or, as an
> >    augmentation on the bend in chief a mullet of five greater and
> >    five lesser points sable.
> I was there for the consultation and I think Daniel's point here is
> correct.  Rather than "in canton", "on the bend in chief" is more
> appropriate as it distinguishes between a star on the bend and one overall.
> Tressure Herald has the black-and-white form which was drawn up for
> Viscount Galen.  Darius (or Rosalia), did you catch this since the blazon
> is different than what is written on the form?
> Seigneur Etienne
> Obelisk Herald
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