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Fri Jan 21 13:18:11 PST 2000

"Bordelon, Wendel" wrote:

> By TRM, the college, and Galen.  This was done specifically so that the
> Crown could have a say in what the augmentation is and so tha it will be
> something that can be registered.   After all TRM are the one giving the
> augmentation and if it will not pass it is not much good.

Ah, but when Jan's augmentation was granted there was no standard text. Hence
the great disagreement, since Jan's text did specify the form (an inescutcheon
of Bjornsborg). We got hung up registering it due to the laurel wreath
thereupon, and ultimately registered it with an annulet in place of the wreath.
Michael of Monmouthshire was the granting king, and he and I put our heads
together on this; Jan's arms are such that an inescutcheon is the best,
visually. Plus Da'ud had hinted that he'd like the chance to make some
augmentation precedents, since Willow & Jonathan's were a chronic pain (being
turned back time and again for various reasons). So we specified the
inescutcheon, and its blazon, in the scroll text.

I just didn't know if there was any formal statement of who does what, or list
of what types of additions can be used as augmentations, or what. They seem to
be happening more frequently, as the SCA ages.


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