ANSTHRLD - Heraldic Regalia

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Sat Jan 22 11:16:15 PST 2000

While I'm here, are there any rules or traditions I'm not aware of
regarding what heralds wear or carry to show they are heralds,
and whose herads they are?

Of course we all know about tabards with the arms of the noble
(or sometimes with the badge of the SCA Herald's office).  Sometimes
we see the odd cloak.

But long ago I saw (perhaps in Meridies) a list of regalia, specific to
ranks (pursuivants extraordinary could wear one kind of tabard,
pursuivants another, titled heralds could wear one sort of cloak, 
something more elaborate was reserved to Principal Heralds, restrictions
on staffs or batons, etc.).  Is any of this still in force?  Does any of it
survive as tradition?

- Galen of Bristol
Golden Staff Herald

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